Shade Benefit problem

Im doing “Shade Benefit”, this is my pic of definition and image of result. The problem is the LEGEND is not showing the data. Is there anything to do with gridsize_ ? I have tried 100 for gridsize and i took about 5 mins to run but still didnt work. Thanks.

Another questions,

This is an example from the website about Shade Benefit. What I understand is that the “Shade Creator” give us the area of the Roof that depend on our percentage to keep. And what I confused is how to take that information to the next step, is that the best shape for these roofs? what could i do with that “benefit area” and not benefit area. Thank alot

Hi Bao,

Firstly, I suggest you update your LB HB. You can do this using the components showed on the image below.

About your legend, I should check your gh file. I only see the gridsize_ that you used is really big.

I have done an example, you could compare your file with it.

As you can read from the description of the Ladybug_Comfort Shade Benefit Evaluator:

" A higher saturation of blue indicates that shading the cell is very desirable. A higher saturation of red indicates that shading the cell is harmful (blocking more winter sun than summer sun)[not good]. Desaturated cells [white] indicate that shading the cell will have relatively little effect on outdoor comfort. [negligible]"

The units are net temperture degree-days. Using the Honeybee_Optimal Shade Creator you say: Ok! with my shade brep I can save 150 degree-days for cooling (for example) but I want it to work at 50% or 60% or 65% and so on. Changing “percentToKeep_” it resizes the shade brep and its performance, too. For example, I can save 100 degree-days putting 60% instead of 150 degree-days with 100%. But it’s also true that you can exclude “white areas” that aren’t useful and “red areas”. For all these reasons, almost all examples about this kind of analysis start with oversized shade breps, so it let you to get the best shapes for you deleting out unwanted areas.


Antonello (500 KB)

Really helpful, I will try to see what happen. Thank you alot

Hi Antonello, Its WORK. I didnt re-scale the model when I changed the UNITS, that is why my gridsize really big, but I have a minor issue about the Text in the LEGEND. It doesnt look right. How could I fix it. Thanks !!

Hi Bao,

Now you can download the public release of Ladybug 0.0.62 and Honeybee 0.0.59!!

Follow Mostapha’s instructions about how install new version of LB HB.

About your new issue, I think the problem is your model tolerance, go to Rhino Options/Units to see it.

You can read this discussion for other details:…

Read the reply written by Chris.

For your future models, I suggest you use “meters” directly, it’s easier