Shade+Lightshelf daylight influence in LBT

I’m testing (towards further simulations) the influence of shade and lightshelves elements on daylight. I’m getting the DaylightSchedule for a couple of spaces north and south oriented. I’m also defining just one grid point assuming that it represents the sensor point on the space. The point are located 4 mts from the facade.

These are the schedules i get from the simulation for the clean window (no shades).

My expectation is that adding shades and lightshelves the schedules will reflect that and there will be more need of electric light. To my surprise it doesn’t matter how deep those shade elements are, the schedule barely changes.
For instance, 0.5 depth:

and 3 mts depth:

It doesn’t matter which settings i’m using for the AnnualDaylight simulations. The results are pretty much the same.

My conclusion is that i’m doing something really wrong. Will appreciate if you can take a look and suggest what it is.

The idea is that after i solve this issue i can use the schedule for energy simulations (that’s why the one point grid).
Attached a simple version of the case.

TestComponentLightshelf_Daylight– (117.4 KB)

Hey @AbrahamYezioro ,

I think this might be one of those cases where the reflected and diffuse light is actually enough to keep the illuminance at 4 meters from the façade above 300 lux for most of the day. I doubt you would find the same further back in the space but checking the hourly illuminance reveals that most of the hours are above 300 lux.:

TestComponentLightshelf_Daylight– (141.7 KB)

Hi @chris,
Thanks, Yes. It is probably one of such a cases … Still, even though the simulations shows that, the logic finds hard to “get” how such deep shades keep this amount of light in the space even at 4 mts deep inside.

Thanks again,