Shadedesigner ladybug

I’m following the ladybug tools academy video’s. In the first chapter near the end they handle a component named shadedesigner. I can’t find that component in my current ladybug tools (1.30) setup. I can imagine that this component is replaced by honeybee but im not quite sure yet.

Can someone confirm this or elaborate a bit on why It is not there anymore?

Thanks in advance.

That component isn’t yet implemented in the LBT plugin. Generally speaking, LBT 1.3 has surpassed Legacy in terms of Energy and Radiance/Daylight features but we are still missing a few of the Legacy Ladybug components in LBT. Hopefully, we can get most of them into LBT 1.4.

In the meantime, you can install legacy alongside the LBT plugin if you need it. You can also get some of the functionality of the Legacy shadedesigner component with the HB Louver Shades component but I’ll also caution that it’s really a different type of component.

Thanks for the reply Chris! I will download the ladybug legacy package in order to have some experiments with it.

On a sidenote, I was also wondering if there are any new videos that might be added in the near future on the ladybug academy platform? Don’t feel any pressure though… I’m learning more than I wanted anyway with the current videos :slight_smile:

Hi @olafolden11 , I also miss the ShadeDesigner component. Hope to see it soon within LBT
Anyway check out Philip Galvan’s tutorials on LB tools. I always suggest my team to start here (video series is a bit scattered, but it gives a great start).

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Thanks for the info. Much appreciated!

That’s a great suggestion, @maheshjayayachander . Making some tutorial videos for the LBT plugin is on my agenda between now and December. Just like the LBT plugin itself, the first videos are likely going to target Energy and Radiance modeling but I will eventually get to some climate analysis tutorials with Ladybug.

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