Shading Designer Component Error

Hi All,

I posted last week but got no replies so I’m re-posting this! If you know how to solve this issue, please help me out!

I am trying to use SHDDesigner component to figure out depths for vertical shading devices. Thanks to hydra share, I was able to use the shading designer example file. (linked here:…;)

I set the horOrVertical input as ‘vertical’. But now I get this crazy shading surfaces floating middle of nowhere… I have attached the gh file and screenshot below.

It works just fine with horizontal shading device option. It would be great if I could get some help on this! Thank you (417 KB)

Hi Jais,

It happens because the vector is almost perpendicular to the surface. The component gives you a warning about that.

You still can use optional planes input to achieve what you’re looking for. (418 KB)