Shading - energy simulation and daylighting

Hello. I have some problem with energy simulation and daylighting cause I used simple shading with EPWindowShades before but now I have a special form of shading which I have written it with algorithm and it is parametric. how can I use it after glazing and before runDayLightAnalysis and runDayLightSimulation? (it is parametric and I want to optimize it after finishing the algorithm.)

Can you share the file, and be more specific about your error.

i am a new user and it don’t let me to share a file.

you can upload it to drive and share the link


Instead of using create HBSurface for energy simulations after generating window shaders, use HB EP Context surface which is available in tab 10 then connect the output to HBContext in E+ component.

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thank you nariman. and could you plz check the error of the runEnergySimulation?

I can’t check it right now but use the latest version of HB-LB Legacy or it must be an issue caused by E+ version.

thank you very much . i will update them.

please update the components , it is working perfectly on my side. Please follow the instructions from @Nariman.Rafati to connect shade surfaces.

thank you very much @Teja5zz . i will update it now. i hope it works

@teja5zz could you plz tell me the version of Softwares like energy plus and so on that the energy and lighting simulations run correctly?

Here you can more information regarding the compatibility. If you’re using legacy plugins, I would suggest you to install this version.

thanks alot for your answer