Shading Mask Component does not run!

Hey guys,

I am trying to create a shading mask on surface for some bus stop shading devices and I have tried so much but I could not get any result. Every time I put the context into shading mask and shading mask II it will took a long time and grasshopper would crash and would error not responding. I don’t know why because I do not have a complicated model. It is just a simple bus stop. It is not like a error message that will be show on. Grasshopper will stop working and will be not responding. Does anybody have any idea what might be the problem? I attached my gh and my rhino file so you can better understand the problem.

4’.3dm (4.45 MB) (400 KB)

I’m pretty sure you are running out of memory.

Your model is not so simple (looks like but is not). Is full of detail, double surfaces, etc.

It also doen’t look that very efficiently build (i would say that you downloaded from somewhere?).

I suggest to create a simple, reduced version of it. Probably you need only the blue roof surfaces.


Yes the problem is that I exported the model from SketchUp, I only introduced the roof surface to grasshopper but probably there are still so much details. Because I have 8 of these models exported from Sketch Up do you have any other suggestion beside creating the models? Because that would take so long. Is there a way in which I can make the model simpler itself?

By the way, thank you for your response.

i’d think creating a roof profile curve and extruding it. I’m sure you can do it in acouple of minutes.


An example.


4_AY.3dm (514 KB)

Hi Mitra,

Abraham is spot on. Your context geometry needed to be very simple. I have made a simple polysurface to use as a context in your file. Everything works with that polysurface. One more thing. As I was testing the polysurface, I noted that the Ladybug_Shading Mask_II was not outputting anything from maskedSkyDome. I went ahead and fixed that in the component, so for now, it will work fo you. I will also share the same issue with masters to fix this in a permanent manner.


4.3dm (91.6 KB) (400 KB)

Hey Devang,

Thank you so much for your help. Yes I saw the results. Awesome.Thank you again for the help.

Dear Abraham,

Thank you so much for sharing that. That was a good help. Thank you again.