Shading Optimization

I want to optimize shading of the windows of the buildings. It will be simple shading, but I want to optimize the depth, and the distance between them. I wanted to ask which tools I should use for this purpose?

Not sure what you are wanting to optimise (energy or daylighting? other?) but here’s an sample file on Hydrashare that will probably help you get started:

  1. Energy Shading
  2. Quantify HVAC Sizing Impact of Shade

Great. Thanks. I want to optimize the daylight of the shading.

Hi @htaheri, firstly welcome to forum!

For multi-objective optimization you can use the genetic algorithm tools like Galapagos, Octopus and so on. You can download tutorials here in order to understand working principles and examples of Galapagos.

I suggest you watch the tutorials because I did exactly same analysis a little bit more detailed coupled with CFD, it works fine. Results and explanation video is here.


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Thanks a lot for the information.