Shading scheadule for each HOY

I’m looking for a way of generating a shading schedule in 1.4 for the full year to be able to control each HOY separately. Is there any direct way to do so? I did make a workaround and created a seasonal schedule for each 24h but it seems to make simulation much slower.

Hey @Kon ,

If I understand correctly that you just want to creat a HB-Energy schedule that has a different value for each hour of the year, then you should use the HB Fixed Interval Schedule. You can plug in a list of 8760 values into that component to get a schedule like that that you can apply just like the seasonal schedule.

Thanks, Chris this was exactly what I needed. Intuitively I thought a fixed schedule is on value for each HOY. I haven’t read the description :smiley:

I want to check the efficiency of window shutters. I’m building a shade schedule based on luminance inside the room.

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