Shading states for dynamic blinds- .ill ranges for shading states

HI every one
I`m trying to design dynamic blinds, but when I change the range of min and max .ill for each shading state (angle), and after the run, check the result of 300<UDLI<500lux for each state, the UDLLIs dont change! I mean THE .ill RANGES HAVE NO AFFECT ON THE UDLI AND EVEN DLA!
and I get confused…

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The title of the post and the content of the question don’t necessarily match. Can you share a simplified sample file to recreate the issue?

HI dear @mostapha
thanks for yr helps,

here is my file,
next to 1st problem, I wanna know how should I choose the best range of .ill and angle for each shading state. and the goal is to maximize the 300<UDLI<500 and minimize the ÎŁThermal Loads.
and I read, of course.

thank you very much.

231097001 -check the (1.2 MB)

231097000.3dm (176.2 KB)