Shading surface for Daylight Analysis


How can I add the custom shading surface for daylight analysis (like Vertical fins)? If I add it as a honeybee surface, it is throwing error as it needs to be a closed brep. Which component will work well for this?

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Daylight analysis does not require closed breps. You should be able to use Honeybee_Surface. Please share a file if you can.

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i have attached the file and I have highlighted it in red. (923.7 KB)

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Daylight simulation works without any errors at my end.

This does not affect daylight studies

Thank you, Yes, it is running why is the decomposeByType component throwing error? I assumed it was broken because of it.

This doesn’t concern your daylight analysis. However, I would recommend you run an imagebased simulation to see if everything is being exported to radiance right

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