Shadow Calculation Method: Editing Problem


Dear @mostapha,

It seems there is no way to edit the calculation method to ‘TimestepFrequency’ … I used either a text string or number to change the default setting, but when I open the .idf file, it is still remaining as default…

Can you please check this?



This looks like a bug. Thank you for reporting. Is it happening in the EnergyPlus component or the one for OpenStudio?


For OpenStudio… It works fine with E+…


I can take a look at this now while I am also addressing the fact that the Warmup Days input does not affect the OpenStudio simulation.


Looking more into this, it seems that the Calculation Method is not exposed on the OpenStudio Shadow Calculation object:

Also all of my attempts to bypass this with the setString method are not working.
It may not be possible to set this property using OpenStudio SDK but I will keep looking. I can also ask the OpenStudio developers how this should be done.


Thank you @chris and @mostapha

Can you also take a look at this question as well?
I think the shading component in HB needs more input especially in blind case.