Shadow Calculation

Hi everyone,

I understand that currently Honeybee does not have the capability to use the HAMT algorithm so instead I am taking the idf file that Honeybee produces and adding a text string which has the HAMT materials and then running it through EP-Launch. The only issue I have had so far relates to the shadow calculation. The HB Shadow Calculation v1.1 lets you choose either PolygonClipping or PixelCounting as the calculation method but these don’t seem to be understood by EP-Launch. Instead it wants either AverageOverDaysInFrequency or TimestepFrequency. The Honeybee_ShadowParameter v0.0.64 lets you choose those as options but I I don’t think it likes it because its a legacy parameter. Is it possible to get some clarification on the shadow calculation method. Is this just something that is different in the new version of Honeybee so will have to be manually changed?

Also, when I compare the shadow calculation in EP-Launch, the values seem to have been shifted around. So in the working shadow calculation, the Maximum Figures in Shadow Overlap Calculation has been specified as 15000, but in the idf file from Honeybee, 15000 comes up as the Polygon Clipping Algorithm. I have attached an image to show the comparison.

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@griffincherrill ,

Your version of EPLaunch and the IDFEditor are old and not the same version of E+ that your honeybee is using. As the LBT compatibly matrix shows, make sure that you are using OpenStudio 3.0.1 (for LBT 1.1.0) and its corresponding version of EnergyPlus (9.3.0). FYI, OpenStudio has its own compatibility matrix, which shows you which version of E+ goes with a given OpenStudio release:


Brilliant! Thank you so much for getting back to me Chris.