Shadow mask Flipped in Rhino 7

A couple of my students are running into an issue where the shadow mask is displaying below the ground plane. When I use Rhino 6 / GH 1.0.0007, the shadow mask works fine on my end. When I use Rhino 7 / GH 1.0.0007 get the flipped results and the shadow masks are incorrect. We are using Ladybug version 0.0.67. I’ve attached the GH definition with the internalized geometry the students have sent me. Can anybody explain why the results are flipped and how to fix the issue?
Thank you.
Flipped Shadow (960.8 KB)

Hi @Crashnorun. You need to run the update component to get this fixed. The latest version is 0.69 while your version is 0.67. This error is already solved on the latest built.

As it has been discussed here.

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That seemed to solve it. Thank you. I tried searching the forum before posting anything but that post you linked to didn’t show up. Thanks!!