Shadow Study - Grasshopper Ladybug

Hey guys I need some HELP!

Is there any possibility to make in ladybug a shadow study with overlapping shadows? The rhino sun just allows me to show one specific hour and to run it by the sunhours component is too heavy calculating all the small grids… I saw that in other softwares its possible! Even in ClimateStudio…

This is done with the sun hours and the colors in Black and white …

Is there any other possibility to do it??

We are building a Pollination app that uses Rhino suns to generate similar graphic.

Are you using the Ladybug component for this case? I thought you can create multiple suns using this method but admit that I have never used the component myself.

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Hey Mostapha thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, this does not work with the component. As I said, I did it via the SUNHOURS, but that really needs a lot of computing power… Is your app ready yet? Can I work with it? haha

Unfortunately, we haven’t released it publicly.

Hmm. What happens if you graft the input data for hoy? Does every sun overwrite the previous one?

Maybe @chris can provide some insight here. As I said, I have never used the component myself. :neutral_face:

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Hey @mostapha ,

Grafting won’t help. Rhino is just going to loop through the hoys and display the last one because we are using the built-in Rhino sun, which is mean to be a single light source that gives you relatively accurate coloring of the sun at that hour. This is why you will find the component gives you an orange tinge at sunrise and sunset:

… and this also means that the sun is carried over into any renderings that you perform with Rhino render or VRay.

I think what are app is doing is just ignoring the Rhino sun and setting up a bunch of directional light sources that don’t have any properties of the real sun other than their direction. If you confirm this is correct, @mostapha , and this is what you want, @Dan94 , this is pretty easy to set up using the LB Sunpath and the Human plugin, which has a component that lets you create arbitrary light objects. It’s also possible that Rhino 8 has exposed lights as a real Grasshopper object, which might make this particularly easy.

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I believe that’s how it is done. @AntonelloDiNunzio can confirm.

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Wow guys thank you very much for your competent and quick help. It’s really great how committed you are to helping others!

I think the lights are what I need. Colors don’t matter. I just want to analyze how exactly the shadow falls on the plot. I’ll download the plug-in and try it out right away.

Thanks again folks

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FYI , @Dan94 and @mostapha ,

I just decided to let the LB Set Rhino Sun component create multiple generic Light objects whenever several values are connected for _hoy. When only a single value is connected, the component just sets the singular Rhino Sun like it used to. But connecting a list of HOYs for a day will produce the following result:

The change was implemented here:

… and you can get the new component on your end via the LB Versioner component.