Shadow Study Very Slow

Hi Mostapha,

First I would love to congratulate you on this great plugin ,

I’m new to it and I don’t know if this has been an issue before or not but I couldn’t find anything about it,

when I try to use the Shadow Study Component on a simple model of a couple of hundred faces it keeps on calculating forever ,

I have a pretty powerful PC and I have used ecotect to make this which was still slow but faster than Shadow Study,

Am I doing something wrong or is the component not yet ready to be used except with very low poly models.

Thanks In advance

Hi Ramy,


I don’t think you are making any mistake. The shadow study component as you can read in the description of the component is just a proof of concept. I have to optimize the code at some point to make it really useful.

The good news is that in few days you will be able to run the shadow analysis much faster using Honeybee (RADIANCE). Here is an example:

Really Nice !

Looking forward to it

Keep up the good work man :slight_smile:

honeybee :)) great!