Sharing the knowledge and Open Source Grasshopper Scripts

Hi guys,

Over the years, my team and I have built numerous Grasshopper scripts and workflows. We are now planning to compile them into an open-source package for everyone to use. However, as we have accumulated 8 years of work, we need to organize it efficiently. During this period, we have undertaken a wide range of projects, from master plans to facade optimizations and Ladybug analyses.

Your answers and suggestions will play a crucial role in helping us streamline our efforts. I assume that, like me, everyone enjoys node-based modeling, computational design thinking, and working with Rhino/Grasshopper.

Unfortunately, there are challenges with Grasshopper/Rhino collaboration, and it seems that some of these issues may not be resolved by GH2, at least initially.

Could you please list:

  1. Three tasks that you find extremely frustrating and have to do yourself in almost every project?
  2. Three critical problems or issues you encounter when working as a team member on a project, which could potentially affect project deadlines?

Let’s keep the conversation going, and perhaps together we can find solutions to some of these problems.