Should the HBobject access in OpenStudio be the air conditioned area or all areas (including non-air conditioned areas)?

I would like to ask you a question.
After setting up the thermal zone stratification of the whole space,
the top is the non-air-conditioned area and the bottom is the air-conditioned area,
Is the range of HB! Object that OpenStudio needs to simulate just the air-conditioned area or the air-conditioned areta plus non-air-conditioned area?屏幕截图 2021-02-21 093247

As I knew, Energy modeling using honeybee for OpenStudio need the whole space of the building included air conditioned zone and non air-conditioned zone.

Thank you for your answer. According to what you said, after the test, my space is large and high. The energy consumption of heating is 60 times that of refrigeration,Do you think there will be a problem?? :cry: