Showing VSC over a grid

Hi everyone,

I am trying to show the VSC (vertical sky component) over the facade of a building but turns out the output I get is 14 times bigger that the number of points in my grid, and therefore the “Ladybug re-color mesh” component fails to work. Does anyone know why is are the results larger than my grid and how could I make it work?



Hi Alejandro,

Can you please attach the file here? It is really hard to say why it is happening by just looking to screen capture.

Also why are you connecting the output of Honeybee_Honeybee to runDaylighting component?


Hi Mostapha,

Here is the file. The honeybee/honeybee component was connected there by mistake, but I don’t think it does anything connected there.


141028 HB wis (1.09 MB)

Hi Alejandro,

You need to either join the mesh or unflatten the test points. Checked the attached file.

  • Mostapha (1.06 MB)

Excellent, It works, Thanks!