Similar HB Rooms by Orientation for face identification

Hello guys,

I would like to know what are the possibilities of identifying the orientation of faces without considering the use of the HB Rooms by Orientation component, since although it solves the subdivision of rooms by orientation, I continue with outside boundary conditions in different orientations, especially Exterior Walls.

Does HB implement any solution that allows identifying the orientation of each face in a room?

Below is the *.gh of my understanding of the room selection component by orientation. In complex cases, it seems to me wrong to consider this average data with the largest areas of outside boundary conditions. (374.9 KB)

hi @rkleitzke
"HB faces by attribute does the job.


Hi @Erikbeeren,

Thanks for the reply, your solution helped a lot.

I noticed that Azimuth is not part of the initial set of HB Face Attributes, could you tell me what other options i can add for visualization?

Captura de tela 2022-09-12 093619

As far as I know it should be standard, In version 1.5 it is.


We just added this property recently (about 24 days ago as you can see here):

So it’s not in the LBT 1.5 stable release but you can get it by running the LB Versioner and updating to the latest development version of the plugin.

Also note that you can just paste the word azimuth into a panel and connect that to the β€œHB Faces by Attributes.” That will work exactly the way the dropdown list does.