Simple Daylight and Shading Simulation Set-Up

Hi everyone,

I was now and then reading a bit here, now it is time for the first post.

What I am trying to simulate should be a really basic task, I am just struggling, so set it up properly.
I would like to simulate how much daylight is a glass receiving with and without the shading element.

Assuming there is a windowglass(cyan) and I want to shade it with another glass which has a low transmittance value(grey).After reading the whole day posts here, I came up with this:

All the result values are the same, so it does not seems to work the intended way.

Could maybe give someone me some hints? Am I on the right track? Should the shades go as faces in the model component ? Or separate as shades? In the second case, how would I define the material?

I am grateful for any hint or comment and appreciate you for taking the time to read my post.

Here the file(Oh, I can’t upload it, since I am a new user:( )