Simplified Photovoltaic Module_PV module settings

When doing solar simulations I found that there were additional input values besides the temperature coefficient, efficiency, and Active Area Percent

When I changed the Mount Type, I could see that the values shown in the picture change, so can I know what those values mean?

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This would be a question for @djordje if he is around since he is the author of the Ladybug Legacy PV components. If you look at the variable names of those properties inside the component code, that might give you a hint.

These last three values are used to calculate the cell temperature of the PV module, based on “Sandia Cell Temperature Model”. That’s the “cellTemperaturePerHour” output of the “Photovoltaics Surface” component.

The first two values are temparature model coefficients, while the third one is the temperature difference between the module and cell temperature.

“Sandia Cell Temperature Model” essentially provides these three values as constants based on the mountType, but also materials.

Source for these values is a paper “King et al (2004)”, which I do not own.
Still if you google “Sandia Cell Temperature Model” you may find more information about it.

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