Simulate temperature distribution

Hi all

Can i use honeybee to Simulate temperature distribution and Wind filed in a room??


Hi @ahad,

In EnergyPlus, each “room” (Zone) is set to well mixed for uniform temperature distribution.
If you want to run non-uniform zone in EnergyPlus, you will need to create your own additional strings for IDF. More details, please refer Room Air Models:

Hi @MingboPeng

I’ve set up the room air user pattern, but the air-con system is still controlling based on the room mean air temperature instead of the thermostat temperature. Is there a way to enable E+ to control to the thermostat temperature?
I see the same question posted on Unmethours: But nobody answered.
Would you be able to advise?


Unmethours is definitely the right place for that type of question. I would also do a good search through the Eneegyplus Input/Output reference, specifically under the section about thermostat objects. I know that E+ has thermostat objects to control the temperature based on MRT rather than air temperature and there might be something there to let you control the temperature with just of of the 3 nodes for the displacement ventilation model.