Simulating 2 axis PV tracking system on building facades

Hi. I am new user of Ladybug with Grasshopper as I know that I can use them to simulate PV panels on building facades to study energy production and shading analysis, when these PV have one or two axis tracking options, So I ask about toturials or resources to help me in this tasks. Thanks…

What metric are you trying to compute here? Is it just hourly irradiance falling on the PV panel?

If so, you might be better off just looking at the EPW radiation and tweaking it a little. The radiation falling on a two axis PV tracker is essentially going to be the EPW direct_normal_radiation plus the (diffuse_horizontal_radiation * sky_view).

You can also use the LB Directional Irradiance component to get hourly irradiance values falling on a surface facing any direction. You could do that for a few different surface altitudes and then select the ones closes to the solar altitude at each hour to approximate what a single axis tracker would give you.

All of that is going to be way faster than trying to post-process Honeybee-Radiance simulation results.