Simulating 4-way exhaust diffuser, new user

Let me first state that I am pretty new to grasshopper/ladybug tools.
Nevertheless for test project I am looking into simulating a 4-way exhaust diffuser like in the picture. This kind of diffuser blows the air to the sides instead of in a single direction in one way.
I have been using the 02_0_indoor_airflow example file and tried it to transform it.
I have done the following:
Added an extra Butterfly_Inlet Boundry and and connecting it with the existing createBFGeometry.
Creating a new createBFGeometry with a Butterfly_Inlet Boundry.
Both gave me the same result: the airflow will only come out of one Inlet.
Has anyone tried something similar?

The example file is here. (I am new, can’t upload)