Simulating Green Wall in Honeybee

I want to model a green wall and not just considered as a layer of material but as a real plant. Is there any way to simulate it simultaneous with water consumption?


I don’t know how to do it, But seems like a Great Idea!

Can you elaborate what you mean by “real plant”? The EnergyPlus Material:RoofVegetation models evapotranspiration from the vegetation if that’s what you are asking. We’re in the process of adding native support for this material in the LBT plugin but, for now, you can add it via add_str_, an OpenStudio Measure, or with some post-processing of the OSM like you see here.

Hi Chris,
I mean considering the growth of the plant through time, a year for example, by “real plant”.
modelling a green wall as a layer of material just consider its U-value, specific heat and so on instantly and this is not what happens in reality.