Simulating indoor swimming pool in Ladybug 1.6

Dear community members,

I came accross this post Swimming Pool Simulation
while trying to run a simulation for an indoor aquatic centre. I tried to recreate and simulate the solution file in the latest Ladybug 1.6 Version (Energyplus 22.2) and its not working. After replacing the original components with an updated versions I get a following problem 1. ** Severe ** ErrorCheckSetupPoolSurface: Invalid Surface Name = POOL
The geometry is linked as it should be and all the schedules are in order. Also when I take out the BIGLADDER swimming pool input, i manage to produce the idf file. As soon as I plug it in it breaks. I am attaching my GH file for preview
20230514_SwimmingPoolTest_AT_Ladybug 1.6_not (230.7 KB)

I would appreciate if someone can suggest how to proceed with this.
Many thanks in advance.

Aleksandar T.