Simulating multiple wind directions simultaneously with Butterfly

Hello fellow Butterfly-users

I have been wondering for a while now if it is possible to run a simulation with more than one wind direction at a time using Butterfly.
As of now I have manually rotated my Rhino 3D-model according to the given wind direction along the Y-axis, meshed and graded accordingly and then run the simulation. Then I have repated this process untill I have simulated say 12 wind directions (you know the drill).

Danish standards and practices for wind analysis prescribe that I use a specific European wind data set which doesn’t include the EPW-file I can get via Ladybug. I.E I manually type in wind velocity, frequency etc.

Is there a more efficient way to get the same result as manually simulating each wind direction at a time?

Side question: Is there a rule of thumb for the size of the periphery outside the Refinement Region? I have heard different answers from different colleagues.



There is a workaround to do this with Butterfly by manually rotating the wind tunnel. However, I found, that there is an easier way to do this in Eddy, another Grasshopper plugin that was released a couple of months ago. They have templates on the website that explain how it works.