Simulating Natural Ventilation & Chilled Beams

Hello Ladybug Forum,
I am interested to learn more about simulating natural ventilation and this example (link below) on hydrashare. Is there a way to bring the reporting CSV file back into grasshopper as a 3d chart so that we can visualize comfort? Also do you have any examples you can share on how to incorporate chilled beams? We would like to analyse if chilled beams and natural ventilation will be enough to create a comfortable space in a car park we are working on.

thanks so much for an amazing tool. Its really mind blowing the amount of data this opens up to a design team.
Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Mel,
To bring EnergyPlus/OpenStudio results back into Grasshopper, use the “Read EP Result” component

To simulate chilled beams, you need to assign a detailed HVAC system