Simulation Error

Hi Everyone !

I don’t know why it’s happen this error when run the simulation.

Someone ksnows and could help?

Thank you

Simulation (573 KB)

The error could be due to a path issue or (more likely) due to the complexity of the geometry in your model. I was able to make it work by changing “Parede” to a mesh instead of Brep and then using MSH2RAD. See attached.

This is the change that I made to your simulation.

It’s usually not a good idea to have space in the path, as you do for “Projeto de Pesquisa”, when dealing with Radiance.

cc: Mostapha/Chris. The culprit is the octree resolution setting of 2048. I guess most users won’t run into issues with that kind of setting. So, I am not sure if a fix is needed for this at all. (600 KB)

Thank you for your reply Sarith !

One algorithm is the sun protection (louver) The way you did they aren’t connect. And this is my question… how could I run simulation the building+louver.


I didn’t found solution here for this error !

Hi Camila, are the louvers that you are referring to the the vertical (highlighted) objects in the image below?


Okay, in that case the problem is that your model for the louvers is too geometrically complex for it be run with standard Honeybee settings. While it is possible to run this model in Unix using higher settings for octrees and then rtrace, it is perhaps too complicated to do the same thing inside Honeybee.

My suggestion to you would be to simplify the geometry for the louvers by removing the number of faces.