Simulation of wing walls using computational fluid dynamics

I want to simulate wing walls for a window in single-side ventilation.
I performed an external simulation and placed the test point both inside and outside the room. For the simulation, I considered the window to be empty and did not set the inlet boundary for the window, and is the definition of the outer element (wing wall) in brep geometry correct?
My question is that the results, although there is no error, I do not think is correct, that is, it does not simulate the direction of air correctly and the internal pressure does not seem to be accurate. And changes in wing wall do not change speed.
And another question, is it possible to display wind speed numerically? That is, how fast each of the arrows is according to their color.
thanks a lot.

@minoo Some suggestions for your question:

  1. Butterfly using OpenFOAM for CFD simulation need a good mesh which mean should refine the wing wall and the indoor space mesh using mesh level and refine region in Butterfly.
  2. Grasshooper is not the scientific post-processor for CFD simulation. You should use ParaVIEW for data visualization.
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thanks for replying
could you explain more how to export the grasshopper file to para view? do I need to simulate in para view again?

Hi @minoo
Paraview is just for CFD post-processing.Butterfly result is located in your hard drive. You can find some video about Paraview for Openfoam video tutorial on YouTube channel.

Thank you for your help.