Simulation Period Setting

Hi Mostapha, Chris and group members,

The Ladybug_AnalysisPeriod component could set a continuous period of time not the discontinuous or separated. So how to set a same period of each day (ex. the 5 a.m to 7 p.m of everyday from June 5th to July 9th), and a certain time during a long period (ex. 12 a.m of every day on June)?

Thank you in advance.

Bi Xiaojian

The Ladybug_AnalysisPeriod component is able to set discontinuous periods of time. This is what is happening when you set the start hour to not be 1 and/or the end hour to not be 24. Try it for yourself with any of the ladybug visualization components.
The only Ladybug+Honeybee components that interpret the analysis period continuously are the OpenStudio and EnergyPlus components because E+ can not run discontinuous simulations.

Hi Chris, So glad to hear from you. What you said did a great help. And that is why I choose to use discountinuous period of time in the process of post visualization of Ep results. And the HOY component did the same thing which separates each hour of the period I selected, is that right? Best regards Xiaojian