Simulation Start Day

Is there a bug in the EnergySimPar component? Trying to set the simulation start day for Sunday (which should be the default in any case) but the results are showing it starting on Thursday.

Hi @Elliot_Glassman, Is this problem solved? Are you using OpenStudio or the EnergyPlus component? Also what is the OS / EP version?

No luck fixing this. I am using the Open studio component with version 2.5.

hi,@Elliot_Glassman Could you upload your Grasshooper definition?

@minggangyin Here is a simplified version of the script (the other one was quite complicated and contained many references to external files). Hopefully, it will replicate the (752.7 KB)

I am also running E+ 8.9, I don’t know if that makes a difference

I found the solution although I am not entirely sure I understand the export process that is causing the issue.

I was originally using measures to extract the results to CSV, which generated the posted results where the simulation started on Thursday. When I added additional strings to the IDF to export the hourly variables instead, the simulation results started on Sunday. So it looks like the start day was being transmitted to the IDF but not Open Studio. Not sure how it was generating the erroneous results through the measures.

Is the problem been solved? I met with the same problem with HB 0.0.65.
I used Energy Simulation Par to specify the start day of week to be Sunday as follows:

However, in the resulting inTable file, the start day of week is Thursday, using RunPeriod Specified Day:

It seems that Energy Simulation Par is not working…

Same issue …I swithched back to EP versioni nstead OS and it finally worked. Both version 0.0.66 btw

This has all been fixed in the new LBT Plugin that was released ~3 weeks ago:

The reason why this issue continues to plague Legacy is that we made the (rather poor) decision to try and support multiple versions of OpenStudio with a single version of honeybee instead of just making a compatibility matrix like what you see here for the new plugin.

Thanks, Chris. Have not installed the new release yet, but looking forward to doing so shortly.

I appreciate all your excellent work on this!