Simulation time

Hi Ladybug family
I have a question about the simulation time
I modeled 9 blocks of the building, including total of apartments 180, then during energy simulation to calculate the cooling load by using “HB Model to OSM”, knowing that I also tried with the Component "DF Run Urbanopt “”
But the calculation time was really huge 29 minute, is it logical?
Is there a way to reduce simulation time? Because I have an optimization problem and I have at least 2,000 iterations
my laptop information in photo:

It’s very logical given those computer specs. I’m certainly not trying to show off here but this is the CPU of the machine that I typically use to run urban-scale energy simulations:


The processor has 24 cores and 32 threads. With the i9 architecture, I can usually tear through an urban model of a ~14 buildings in 2-6 minutes depending on the simulation parameters.

There is still hope if you don’t have access to a better machine. Some suggestions are to play around with your HB Simulation Parameters. In particular, you might try dropping the timestep to 1, particularly if you aren’t modeling fancy HVAC controls. You also might try using a simpler solar distribution. Both timestep and solar distribution affect simulation time by a lot.

Assuming you are running a Dragonfly model, you also probably want to make sure that use_multiplier_ is set to True. You might also reduce the shade_dist_ so that there are not too many shades being written into each Building IDF.