Simulations with SIA 380/1 or SIA 380/2

Hey guys,

I am studying in Switzerland and would like to run thermal simulations on buildings. However, in Switzerland all those load simulations are based on the Norm SIA 380/1 and SIA 380/2. Is it possible to create my own rules for energy plus or honeybee? Or can we only use the given ASHRAE standards?

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Hi Max,
You need to create your own loads and materials to comply with the SIA normatives. Yes, it is possible, although it is a bit of a drag and it requires a bit of an extra work because the Swiss normative is a bit ambiguous since it only gives suggested U values for floor, walls and roofs without getting into the specifics of the materials (thermal mass and insulation), as well as an accepted range of Window to Floor ratio (and I cannot remember it right now). The analysis of results is a bit easier because the Swiss comfort standard (SIA 180) is based on the European Comfort Standard (EN15251), therefore, the results should be around the same as long as you choose the European comfort algorithm when performing the analysis.

Thanks for your answer.
So if I understand you correctly: I write the typical program type loads coming from SIA2024 into the backend of the honeybee file structure as json files with the same format as the existing ones.
Than I should be able to run the thermal simulation already right? I only need the energy demand profile (hourly/monthly), there is no comfort analysis required.