Simultaneous maintenance of different versions of LBT?

Kia ora koutou

I have what I think is a relatively unique problem. With a class of 250 using LBT, we have standardised on LBT 1.7.26 AND Rhino 8.5. This is what we set up at the start of teaching in March. On around 200 computers across various studios in the school, plus advising the students about installation on their own Apple and Windows OS machines. A shared analysis script should work so they can focus on the EDS content of the course not software distractions.

However, looking at the options offered in the v1.8 release, I’d like to use some new features. I don’t really have the option of using one computer for teaching script development, and one for research.

I recognise the futility of trying to maintain two versions on the one Rhino platform. Can anyone recommend the best workflow for up and downgrade of LBT version depending on use profile? All ideas welcome.


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