Single heating demand output instead of 'per room' when assigning hvac in honeybee 1.0


This error occurred after I assigned HVAC to the rooms.

I’m trying to simulate a collection of HB Rooms in honeybee 1.0

However, I only get one result for heating demand, instead of one per room. Same with cooling.

I have tried to find the error but I can’t find what it is

Using Openstudio 3.0 and e+ 9.4

Any hints and help are appreciated


@hamhans ,

The heating and cooling energy use of detailed HVAC is reported for each piece of HVAC equipment and therefore cannot be matched to rooms. If you want to color rooms with cooling/heating DEMAND (which can be matched to rooms), you should use an ideal air loads system.

More info here:

Hi Chris

Thanks for the quick and informative reply. Will look into it.