SkinDesigner for grasshopper just released

Hi All,

Just wanted to let everybody know that SkinDesigner, a Grasshopper plugin that enables the rapid generation of facade geometries from building massing surfaces has just been released in the food4Rhino website.
This is a open-source plugin developed in python so, similarly to Ladybug and Honeybee, you will be able to look at the code and see what’s under the hood if you are interested.

Some of you have been asking on Chris Mackey’s YouTube channel about this tool when he posted some SkinDesigner-Ladybug workflow videos last year. Well, finally this tool is out and ready for everybody to use! If you did not watch them yet, check them out in this playlist Chris created.

Speaking of Chris, I want to thank Chris for his endless support through this development, answering thousands of Rhino python questions, forwarding lines of code, and for his invaluable help during this last stretch getting the tool released to the public. Also, many thanks to Mostapha for creating the incredibly useful update/export components for Ladubyg & Honeybee, components now used and adapted for SkinDesigner.

So, feel free to download the tool and give it a try. Post any questions you might have in the brand new SkinDesigner group in the grasshopper3d website. Also, there are a few examples to download in the hydra page. Finally, this is the SkinDesigner Github page.

Hope to hear from you!


Congratulations @sgaray1970! Looking forward to give it a try in one of the upcoming projects.

Very nice @sgaray1970!!
Thanks for sharing.

Thank YOU, @sgaray1970 , for working so hard to convince others that your software should be open.

I learned a lot through your patience and persistence and you restored my faith that the leadership of architectural offices can be convinced of the benefits of open source development.

Now comes the time to reap those benefits!

Thanks for creating and sharing this tool Santiago! Can’t wait to try this out. Congratulations on this great achievement!

Congratulations @sgaray1970!
This is really going to be helpful in a lot of ways.