Sky dome diffuse sum not matching weather data


I am just having fun exploring skyDome, which is a great component for education and wanted to suggest that, it would be better if it gives outputs with at least three decimal places.

The thing is, its unit is quite large (kWh/m2 and not Wh/m2) and in winter days the sum of the patches can be to some extent different from the total values in the weather file.

Of course this is nothing critical, as the component is meant for visual feedback and it does this perfectly. But it is also fun for education purposes to be able to add up the patch values and get the exact total value.


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I managed to change the code to get more decimal places. So you can ignore the last post.
But, I still do not get exact values of the diffuse radiation in the weather file by adding up the patch values. (491.1 KB)

If somebody interested, I got my answer here: