Sky dome patches location_LBT vs LB-legacy

Hello all,
Do anyone know the reason why sky dome patches of LB tools is a bit tilt compare to legacy version?
(The LB tools sky dome is the left one and legacy is the right one in the image)

Any insight would be helpful! Thanks.

Difficult to answer with any precision, without having your file.

But seems to me that the skydome are more or less the same, other than that the patches that are summed up are slightly different.

Try setting high_density to True on your skymatrix for LBT 1.+ and increasing skyDensity in legacy. And then compare those.

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Thank you for your suggestion.
After setting to high density both data and patches location are the same.
I thought there is a reason why LB tools tilted the patches(Tregenza sky) a little. (419.6 KB)