Sky dome with higher resolutions

Hello all,

I have a question about sky dome.
Can I visualize a Tregenza sky dome with more than 145 patches?

Your help would be much appreciated.

Hi,@Yuta Sky dome used skymatrix for the calculation. You can set skydensity to 1 which used Reinhart Sky with 577 + 3 patches.

Thank you for the reply. It was very helpful!

If I want to generate a higher resolution sky dome with 2305 or 5185 patches, I need to change python code?

Thank you in advance

@Yuta The image you post is Radiance sky. You should refer to gendaymtx command.


Just to add to what @minggangyin suggested, you can also do this with genskyvec if you are interested in visualizing a single instance rather than a time-series.


@minggangyin @sarith Thank you so much for the answer!