Sky Matrix Simulation

In simulating a multi-phase method daylight analysis, how can I have just a “sunny with sun*” sky for my simulation?
I do not know what is the logic behind the sky matrix and what conditions are included in it.

Hi @masoome, Sky Matrix is climate-based and uses the values from wea file to generate the sky. The concept of sunny with sun doesn’t apply here.

Thanks, @mostapha.
I am wondering if I could simulate a “Tensor tree BSDF” considering just direct sunlight without any diffuse one.

Dear @mostapha,
I generated the sun matrix by gendaymtx but do not know how to import it in Honeybee for daylight simulation.

I am having approximately the same issue.
I am gonna simulate a CFS exposed only to direct sunlight (only sun in the sky dome with 0% clouds and no skylight) by honeybee+.
Does honeybee have this ability?
@masoome, have you found the way to generate such situation in radiance and import it to HB+?

Hi @dustin,

I just made the direct sun matrix (S sun) with Radiance; now working to find a way to import it in Honeybee.

@masoome thanks!
@mostapha Do you know how to generate the sky I described above in HB or import it from Radiance into HB?