Sky Views Analysis - view type 3 and 4 results all zero


I am trying to produce a sky views analysis, giving % of sky visible from a balcony (horizontal surface). Every time I add any context geometry the results read all zero % sky visible, with no error message.

I am using ladybug legacy 0.68

Test geometry vectors are pointing up towards the sky

I have tested all view types, with the same error, and I have tried true and false for geometry blocking view.

Would appreciate any troubleshooting advice.



I’ve read somewhere that the issue is this analysis only works in Rhino 6! Is this true? When will this be updated for use in rhino 7?


It should work in both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7. What offset distance are you using? Also, is your geometry surface pointing upwards towards the sky?

@smyliemeg does I work for you now and did you find a solution?

I have the same issue, the input geometry faces is pointing upwards and the distance from the base is 0.1m. The component doesn’t give any errors, but all results are 0.


I didn’t originally realize that this was a question about the Legacy plugin. The Legacy plugin is deprecated in Rhino 7 since the Rhinocommon intersection calculations that Legacy uses have changed in Rhino 7. You should use the LBT plugin if you want full functionality with Rhino 7.

Or you could go back to Rhino 6 and use Legacy.

Hi @chris, thanks for your reply. That is important to mention indeed, but I am using using Rhinocommon 0.67, and still have this issue. The stranges part is that the component seems to work, but just gives 0 as results.

@chris, its seems to be related with the version of Rhino 7. The component still works when running it with Rhino Version 7 (7.1.20343.9491, 12-08-2020) but when using Rhino Version 7 SR15 (7.15.22039.13001, 2022-02-08) it gives 0 as results.

Yes, as I said, the Legacy components are deprecated in the latest version of Rhino 7. McNeel made a change to their intersection calculations somewhere around Rhino 7 SR 5 that breaks many of the Legacy components.

Honestly, the best solution is just to use the LBT plugin. You’ll see that there’s a component that’s equivalent to that Legacy View component in LBT 1.4