Skylight Shade Contol

I am trying to model electrochromic shading for a skylight. I am using the EPWindowShades component but it only had a minimal impact on the energy results.

Then I looked at the output .csv files of the simulation, and it looks like there is no shade control on the skylight objects. So I guess the component only works for windows, and not skylights. Is there a way to apply the shade control to the skylights as well?

I changed the component to reference the skylight as a surface (rather than trying to assign the entire zone to the HBObject input. However, trying to use the shade control type, I get the following errors:

Note that, when using this component for individual surfaces, you should make sure that the direction of the surface is facing the outdoors in order to be sure that your shades are previewing correctly.
Runtime error (UnboundLocalException): Local variable ‘schedCntrlType’ referenced before assignment.
line 1339, in main, “<string>”
line 1381, in script

Can anyone help on the ‘schedCntrlType’ error?

I will check if you are using an updated version.

But will be more helpful to upload the file.