Skylight shadeBrep as Context Surface not considered on Simulation

Hello, I really need an advice on this matter and ask, please, for your help.

I am running an energy simulation in order to get the indoor air temperature of my small building. Everything runs fine, except the shade brep over the skylight.

I ran the simulation using the shade brep resulting from the HB Window Shade Generator as an input for HB EP_Context Surfaces. But it seems the context shade is not considered in the simulation, as the results do not change when I turn the shade on/off, or even when I plug/unplug the EP_Context Surfaces component. I left the shadectrl to zero, to be always on, and tried several things, but it doesn’t seem to be using the shade in the simulation.

This figure shows the simulation without the shades:

This figure shows it with the shades as context srf, it does “re-run” the simulation, but shows the same results

Did anyone ever had a problem like this?

I would like to upload the files… but am not allowed…as I am a new user.

I have searched the web and forums for similar problems, but found no solution. I kindly ask for your help.

Thank you.

Hi @dfcollaco,

You Could try the workflow below.

Dear Mr. erikbeeren,
I also encountered the same problem and connected hbojwshades of shade generator to hbzones of openstudio, but the energy consumption data is still unchanged, but when the skylight is changed to a window, the energy consumption will change. I kindly ask for your help.
Thank you.

Hi @zhenzhoulai,

I never used this component myself, so it could be true what you are telling.
You always difine them as window, if this works better.