Skymatrix error

when i try to use Skymatrix component i get error:

Runtime error (SyntaxErrorException): unexpected token ’

I’ve 1.3.0 version. Rhino 7.


What version of Radiance do you have installed?
Check The compatibility matrix also if needing links to download the correct version

Yes, I’m using the latest version of Radiance (now I’m reinstalling it again to 5.4a (947ea88a)). And if i use LB older versions with samples then skymatrix works.

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huh… that’s odd: I’m afraid this is probably out of my kneejerk scope of “knows solution” then: @chris I tried :sweat_smile:

Thanks @TrevorFedyna anyway! Then will wait for @chris :crossed_fingers:

Perhaps it is related


Solved, i reinstal LBT and now all works.

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