SMART GLASS definition for Daylighting

Hi everybody,

Ksenia (another friendly user of this helpful community!!) and I created this script below to replicate smart glass behavior, by compiling different ill files into one to simulate smart glass visual transmittance phase change. The simulation does not take into account energy savings and thermal benefits of smart glass technology.

Most of the script is automated but it does require some tweaking!

Have fun!

Nick and Ksenia (1.28 MB)

Thanks for sharing Nick, this looks very interesting.

Hello Nick,

I have no idea what this is but I love it! It’s always a nice feeling, and a great advantage of this community, to be able freely share and participate in eachothers’ intellectual efforts.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


Hi Theodore,

It’s the result of the research conducted on smart glass by a friend and I! Given the interest on this emerging technology, we wanted to test its behavior (% of time for each visual transmittivity state, number of phase changes per year,…) using honeybee and compare the results with conventional glass.