Smart shading devices

Hello, I’m creating receipe for dynamic shading where beased on the temperature the shading device should close it can be done manually by assising a degree but i want a component to connect and it should be a control based on the temperature or radiation it should close and open. So please any one can help me

Hi Kartik

I could see two ways on doing this.

  1. Use the control_type input in HB Window Construction Shade. In the example below, the control is set to activate the shades when the air temperature in the zone exceeds 25degC.

  1. If you’re not satisfied with the available control types, you would need to create a custom schedule with an input for each hour of the year describing the state of the shade at each hour. This is obviously a more troublesome approach, as you will have to run a simulation without shades, create a custom schedule based on the advanced control you’re looking for, and then run a new simulation with shading according to that schedule. But being honest, the first approach should be adequate, as manufactures don’t use complicated academic controls in real life anyways :wink:

Hope it helps


Hi sir, thank you for the reply whatever you suggested I understood. I want to know whether I can just tilt the shading to a particular angle as example 45 degrees when the aur temperature inside room exceeds 25 degree Celsius.

The control mentioned before is an on/off control.

Use this object to tilt the louver.

Where should i connect the constr component

I would recommend that you take time to read all inputs and outputs of each component. If you hover over the output parameter of the HB Window Construction Shade component, it tells you to use the construction as an input for either Honeybee Apertures or ConstructionSets. The LBT team has done a really good job of trying to make all components self-explanatory.

The only way of really getting to understand your simulation is to try to understand what each component does :wink:

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much sir.