SnappyHexMesh not working with decomposeParDict_scotch

Hello everyone,

before today everything was working fine, and I have no idea why this is happening all of a sudden.

When I connect the decomposeParDict_scotch to the SnappyHexMesh node, the geometry doesn’t appear in the mesh.
Without decomposition, the geometry is meshed just fine.

Please help! Find the .gh file below: (58.3 KB)

it seems that the solution doesn’t run with scotch decomposition either. As I stated above, this was working fine before, but suddenly not anymore…


I had downloaded another simulation software on my pc which downloaded a MS MPI package that was conflicting with the one used by blueCFD. This was causing the parallel run to fail…

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, to put it simply, blueCFD uses the msmpi to enable parallel processing on windows. If there are conflicting versions on your machine, the parallel runs might not work. A good indicator that this is the case would be that running processes in series (without decomposeParDict) would work, but parallel (with decomposeParDict) runs would fail. This applies to any process be it SnappyHexMesh or the Solution solver.

Following step 1 here remedied the problem for me.


Hello sir,

Thanks for your solution. But when we have at the same time a Intel mpi and a msmpi on the same machine, what can we do ?

In fact, I can’t uninstall that Intel mpi, cause my colleagues need it. I’m afraid thoses solutions that you share here:
could just help to solve the problem when we have 2 msmpi, it doesn’t help when we have another mpi version.

Thanks a lot