Solar access, Postprocess

There was one file put in the workshop sample files map I specifically like to know more: sample file

Post Process Result Visualization/Cumulative results/Hourly Results

I see 2 ways to get the results. The cumulative way is clear to me, it is the total sum of sunhours.
The hourly results not really are clear. So you can scroll through a period and see when there is sun, how should I interpret it?
For the output of the values, you need always a component “Number”?

Hourly results lets you walk through every hour of the study. The results will always be 0 for points that don’t see the sun and 1 for points which see the sun. This is useful if you want to see the results for single timestep.

No. As I mentioned in one of the other previous questions you can bypass components such as number, data, etc. Sometimes it is useful to have them between the components mainly for double checking data and clarifying object type.