Solar access study - Hours of direct daylight on windows

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a solar access study for the windows of a building. The windows are required to have access to 2hs of direct sunlight over a 6hs period (say 9am to 15pm) at midwinter. Only intervals of 15 minutes can be counted towards the total, meaning that if a window achieves 12 minutes in the morning and 108 minutes in the afternoon, even though the total of direct solar access is 2hs a portion of it (i.e. the 12 minutes in the morning) is less than the minimum 15 minute threshold. The window will therefore be deemed not compliant. To complicate things the requirement indicates that the 15 minutes of direct daylight is achieved over a minimum of 1m² of the glass pane of the window.
I have been experimenting with the “sunlighthoursAnalysis’ component and I am now oriented towards using the output of “sunisVisible”. This provides a table of boolean values (sun is visible, sun in not visible) for each point of the mesh of the test model for each sun vector considered. I researched the forum for solutions but so far no joy. I know that the data is there but how to go about it? I need to extract the complying data (2 hours of direct sunlight on a 1 m² of the window over a 15 minute minimum period) from this matrix. Can somebody assist? Any advice, hint and suggestion on how to proceed would be appreciated.

I have attached a test file for reference.
Base_Model_Test.3dm (631.6 KB)

Andrea (407.1 KB)